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The Power of Prayer

Greetings my brothers and sisters in Christ.  May The Lord bless you and pour His grace upon you and your loved ones.

Those who lived in South Florida during September of 1999, had a first-hand experience regarding the power of prayer.  It was brought into sharp focus as a result of a hurricane named Floyd.

We were one of those people.

For several days, the extremely dangerous storm took direct aim at our area, which had been devastated by Hurricane Andrew a few years earlier.  With top winds building to 155 m.p.h. as it neared, it appeared that the 600 mile wide storm was sure to strike, causing unimaginable death and destruction.

Weather conditions -- which were being monitored by the National Hurricane Center -- didn't appear to be changing in time to alter the monster hurricane's course.  It seemed that Floyd had come too close to execute a turn in time to avoid an area that is home to several million people.

Weathermen at the hurricane center had been predicting a change in direction due to anticipated changes in conditions, but seemed to lose confidence that it would happen in time, as the hurricane neared.  A slight gain in forward speed -- instead of the usual slowing associated with a change in direction -- provided good reason to suspect the storm would not alter course.

At the last possible moment, many prayers for a change in direction and for protection of the people and their homes were answered.  Not only did the main force of the storm miss the area, but forecasted rain bands with high winds did not materialize.  Radar showed the western edge of the storm just a few miles offshore.

There may be those who will say that South Florida was simply spared by the forces of nature.

That may be true, but we know that The Lord was responsible not only for those forces, but also the timing of the change of course and for sparing the area from any high winds or heavy rain associated with the hurricane.

May God bless you and your loved ones.

Your humble servant in Christ.

--Richard J. Ferris



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