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The Christian Internet Ministry provides a prayer request service to all who are in need of prayer. Should you wish to avail yourself of this service, fill out the E-mail form completely, giving your name, address and E-mail address, in addition to your prayer request. We will post all acceptable prayer requests after editing them. Editing includes using only first name, city and state, or city and country of the person submitting the request  (i.e., Pauline, Omaha, Nebraska, USA). Submitters initials will be used instead of first name if requested. Please include the name, city, state/country of the person(s) for whom you are requesting prayers in the text of the request.

While we recognize there are many churches and ministries that are doing excellent work for our Lord and his children and have great needs, we ask that prayer requests by these organizations not be submitted to this ministry.  The ministry has been established as a source for responding to individual, personal prayer needs of the Christian community.  We have found that sometimes individuals who wish to avail themselves of our service may be intimidated when they view posted prayer requests from ministers, ministries and churches.  It is not our wish -- nor God's -- for them to feel that their needs and requests are unimportant.

Requests will be posted for 14 days in order that our church prayer groups and visitors to our ministry may raise your concerns to The Lord through prayer. We also encourage those who submit prayer requests to E-mail us regarding God's answer to prayer so that we may share those with our interested and caring visitors. (Please include the "Prayer Request Number" shown on your originally posted prayer request, in order to assist in matching the original request.) 

The service is provided free of charge, out of God's love for His children. There is no obligation associated with the service. 

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